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What is PresentAll / FAQ

1. Do People attending my meeting need a password?

You can require a password for entry to your classroom or you can allow for an open classroom. This is easily configured through your Account Manager.

2. Is there any software for the participants to download?

PresentAll is browser-based and does not require downloads. All your participants will need is an internet ready computer with adobe flash player installed on their computer.

3. How fast of an internet connection do I need to run PresentAll?

High speed connections are recommended. Most DSL/Cable and Wireless connections will work with PresentAll.

4. Can multiple users log in to the same account?

Yes the users are not assigned. For example a 5 user account may be any 5 people at any given time. These people may be different in each meeting. Keep in mind the host is never counted as a user.

5. Do I have to send my presentations in to be able to present them?

No. Content can be uploaded quickly and easily through the easy to use Content Manager.

6. Is there training available?

Yes training is done online. Please contact PresentAll for a schedule of live training events.

7. Is it possible to have a custom Website?

Yes custom websites are a fee based service that PresentAll provides.

8. Does PresentAll work on a Mac?

Yes. PresentAll works on Windows, Mac and Linux and will work with most internet browsers including Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox, Opera and Chrome.

9. Do presenters or participants need a webcam?

You only need a webcam if you are showing video. Participants can see your video if they do not have a webcam. To view a video the person broadcasting must have a webcam.

10. Do I need a headset or a microphone for audio?

Headsets are strongly recommended if you are using multiple audio streams. A USB headset should be sufficient. However, if you’re attendees do not need to speak to you during the presentation they do not need a headset and will be able to hear fine through their computer speakers.

If you have additional questions that are not addressed in our frequently asked questions you can email your question to
You may also view the video tutorials for answers to many questions regarding the program.

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