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What is PresentAll / Product Pricing

See the below information regarding the pricing for the PresentAll product. A user is a connection to the meeting room. You could have 5 people viewing 1 computer and that counts as 1 connection. The users are counted as simultaneous users and are not assigned to individuals. You could have 5 people online today and 5 completely different people online tomorrow and would still only need a 5 user account. If you have questions regarding the pricing or user accounts please contact a PresentAll representative.

 Setup FeeMonthly Fee
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PresentAll 5 User499.0049.00
PresentAll 15 User499.0099.00
PresentAll 25 User499.00149.00
PresentAll 50 User499.00279.00
PresentAll 100 User499.00499.00

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