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Presentall can help lower costs and increase productivity for virtually any company

Oct 18, 2010

Companies Reap the Benefits of Online Meetings. Lower costs, improved productivity, and greener business practices with web conferencing

Today's companies face a host of challenges. Face-to-face sales meetings often require a significant investment, both in terms of hard travel costs and productivity. In addition, product training can take valuable time away from revenue-generating opportunities, especially for the company's many staff members who are collocated on customer sites. Web conferencing and online meetings are the answer. It is especially important for business to choose a single, end-to-end solution that works across multiple platforms for their online meeting solution.

The solution is simple. PresentAll Web Conferencing is robust enough to serve the organization's diverse needs yet user-friendly enough to be easily adopted by employees at all levels of the company. It can flexibly support everything from small meetings to large-scale events, and it provides the level of usability companies are looking for.

PresentAll Web Conferencing meets the need for small-group interactions, while it is easily used for groups of 100 or more. This technology will quickly become a critical business vehicle for all aspects of corporate communication, from internal and external meetings to marketing, sales, and training. PresentAll handles everything from one-on-one work sessions to major events like internal marketing conferences and companywide communications.

If you are looking to reduce travel costs associated with in-person meetings without compromising effectiveness, and implement user-friendly online solution for global organization with multiple internal platforms, PresentAll Web Conferencing in your web conferencing solution.

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PresentAll launches the "Three Clicks to Success" campaign

Oct 06, 2010

PresentAll is a web conferencing software solution that provides a feature rich easy to use program.

At PresentAll, Inc., our world class video conferencing technology is centered on "Three Clicks to Success". We are pleased to announce a new marketing campaign that will show the world that we are formally and officially in the web conferencing market. Your success is just three clicks away through PresentAll's video web conferencing technology. This is our messaging to the world in all that we do at PresentAll, Inc.
Our "Three Clicks to Success" message is built on three key elements that lead you to success:

First Click: PresentAll's user interface is simple and easy to use.
With PresentAll Web Conferencing, you are always only three clicks or less to any feature. The user interface was built to be simple and easy to learn. Our user friendly meeting room interface makes online meetings easy to create, manage and secure. To continue to make it easy, we are completely 100% browser based. That means no platform issues. If you can browse the internet you can use PresentAll, whether you are on a Mac, a Linux or a PC. It also means that no downloads are required for the host, presenters or participants, making virtual meetings and sharing via the internet simple and easy. And, with PresentAll, your content is loaded to a secured virtual content library. Uploading presentations, spreadsheets, pictures and videos, or any other image file is as easy as saving something to a hard drive. This makes your presentations easy, secure, faster and higher quality.

Second Click: PresentAll offers Best of Class tools to make your success quicker, easier and less expensive.
For example, we offer:
1. Multiple simultaneous meetings, meeting rooms, video feeds, and unlimited participants.
2. FREE Custom Branding - Want it to look like it's your web conferencing? Easy to do and very affordable!
3. Easy-to-use desktop sharing allows you to share any application on your computer with anyone else.

PresentAll's full featured video conferencing service comes with a presentation board, live streaming video capabilities, a whiteboard, chat, recorded meetings, and document sharing. And our pricing is up front and easy to understand. No hidden fees!

Third Click: Unprecedented Customer Service
Unlike the rest of the industry, we will deliver unprecedented customer service! We are ready to help in every way we can. We offer support through:
1. Video - On demand and integrated into the program.
2. Online - we're there ready to solve your problems before they become problems!
3. Phone - Free 24/7 support. Just call us!

We also help coach you on how to more fully effectively and effortlessly use PresentAll video conferencing. Human Interfacing - Human Relations

The choice is simple: PresentAll Web Conferencing is your one stop for all your online meetings, collaboration, and training needs. We have you covered for all your:
- Online Meetings and Presentations (meet online anytime, with anyone)
- Unified Communication & Collaboration (collaborate on projects or documents)
- Webinars (web-based seminars and training)
- Telecommuting (work-from-home)
- Sales (sales and marketing online)
- E-Learning (learning and training online)
- TelePresence (online boardroom meetings, as if you were there)

This means better use of your time, less costly travel, better collaboration with key people, anytime, anywhere!

Our Message to the World: You are only three clicks to YOUR success!

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What is PresentAll Web Conferencing and How Can it Help Your Business?

Aug, 26 2010

Web conferencing is a steady growing technology that helps businesses connect with clients and employees around the world. Web conferencing helps businesses be more productive.

What is online web conferencing? It is a platform that brings people together from multiple locations to share information through the World Wide Web. Online web conferencing is now being used by fortune 100 companies, fortune 500 companies, small businesses and even home businesses. It helps increase productivity by having decision makers all present in a single setting to discuss budgets, logos, campaigns, and other strategic topics.

During online conferences, ideas are generated and shared by being able to collaborate over the same document. Some online web conference companies have the ability to stream live video over the internet. Web conferencing also includes the ability to display and interpret PowerPoint slides and documents, send text messages.

PresentAll is an online web conferencing software that allows businesses to communicate more effectively and more affordably. PresentAll is browser based and does not require any downloads. This allows people to join the meeting quickly and easily and facilitates your meeting. Meetings are important and PresentAll makes them easier and more efficient than ever.

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PresentAll Video Conferencing

Aug 16, 2010

PresentAll online video conferencing provides businesses with a unique way of communicating with employees, clients, and potential clients.

Online video conferencing and online webinars are being used by businesses more and more every day. Businesses are learning that time and money can be saved through online meetings. Many businesses are even learning that sales pitches can be done through an online meeting.

Easier and faster ways to communicate within today's fast paced business world is becoming more and more of a necessity. When you are looking for a video conferencing service it is important to remember to look for ease of use, stability of the platform, and a feature rich program. PresentAll is an online web conferencing service that provides a browser based online meeting platform. There are no downloads for participants and meetings are simple and easy to enter.

PresentAll is an excellent service and has many user friendly features that can make your next meeting a huge success.

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Bring clients closer with PresentAll Web Conferencing

July 29, 2010

PresentAll Web Conferencing assists companies with a feature rich internet presentation platform. If you have the need to present material to a client you can count on PresentAll.

Many businesses now are turning to internet presentations to assist in sales presentations. This is a cost effective way to generate more sales and contact more people in a shorter period of time. Businesses are also turning to internet presentations for internal sales trainings. Why are so many businesses shifting towards online meetings? What is all the buzz about?

The internet has brought a completely new wave of interaction and sales opportunities. You can now easily present sales material online and over the internet. Clients can now receive much more information than they could over the telephone. Online presentations allow a presenter to show content, share their screen, or even present a recorded video. PresentAll is an online conferencing software that allows businesses to connect with virtually anyone through a simple to use and very efficient user interface. Online meetings have never been easier. PresentAll helps businesses and clients connect using the World Wide Web.

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Online Conferencing Using PresentAll

July 19, 2010

PresentAll is a live video conferencing software. PresentAll provides an easy to use interface with a feature rich program.

Online video conferencing and webinars are an excellent way to save money and time. Businesses are in a constant state of adaptation and webinars and online conferencing has become more and more important for businesses recently.

Online conferencing is being used for just about every type of meeting imaginable now and there are many ways to create a more effective presentation using online video conferencing. Businesses now have the capability to communicate around the globe or around town for the same cost. The technology age has brought forth a communications revolution and online video conferencing is right in the middle of everything. Webinars and online conferences are becoming more and more popular not only with businesses but also with consumers.

PresentAll is an online web conferencing solution that allows multiple participants to view a presentation simultaneously. PresentAll allows participants to log in to a meeting room with no downloads and is a very user-friendly video conferencing solution. PresentAll also allows up to 16 live video feeds and unlimited participants.

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PresentAll Provides Powerful Webinar Technology

July 02, 2010

One of the fastest growing business services today, is the ability to communicate using webinars.

Webinars are being used daily in business settings to train employees, make sales calls, recruit affiliates, hold informational seminars, and communicate with customers and employees. Webinars have become a very successful and cost efficient way of Communicating. Online meetings and online webinars can be a very profitable way of meeting with people. Businesses are learning more about online communication and how webinars can be used to improve profitability.

PresentAll is an online web conferencing tool that makes webinars interactive and allows online streaming video. There are no downloads required and the participants are easily able to enter a meeting room. Online web conferencing also allows you to be face to face with someone that you are presenting to. PresentAll is browser based and allows presenters the ability to upload content to the meeting room from within a meeting. PresentAll also screen sharing ability and the ability to play pre recorded videos from within a meeting.

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Why Web Conferencing with PresentAll has become integral in todays business world

May 27, 2010

Many businesses are now moving to web conferencing instead of face to face meetings. Web conferencing with PresentAll allows individuals to meet online quickly and efficiently.

Web conferencing and online meetings are changing the way that businesses operate on a day to day basis. It is estimated that by the year 2013, 75% of all businesses will communicate using online meetings or online web conferencing. There are many advantages to being able to communicate online in a meeting setting. Online video conferencing now even allows participants to view each other face to face. Benefits such as reaching many more people in different geographic locations and training sales teams remotely without the expense of travel are some of the advantages that are making online conferencing and webinars so vital in the business world. Web conferencing also builds trust and more synergy throughout a company. Meetings can be held more often and be much more effective. Employees no longer miss 3 hours of work traveling to attend a 45 minute meeting. Joining a meeting online is simple and some online conferencing solutions do not even require downloads prior to joining a meeting.

Online video conferencing supports the fast paced business environment that we all now live in. As technology continues to advance, many companies have to adjust to changing surroundings. Online meetings are one of the ways that businesses are changing and they are changing very quickly. When searching out a video conferencing solution it is important to look for a company that is flexible, dependable, and reliable. There are many options available and it is important to search out the best one for your individual needs. There are many features to consider when searching for video conferencing software. Ease of use and strengths and weaknesses of each company can be different.

When choosing a web conferencing service it is important to know what is available and what will best suit your individual business needs. PresentAll is a browser based online conferencing service. PresentAll does not require downloads for participants to join a meeting. The service is easy to use and there are many dynamic features available through PresentAll. Meeting needs can range from training to product demonstration and with PresentAll you get the both of best worlds. You can easily upload a presentation to the content library so that it is ready to present from any computer anytime or share your desktop using the desktop sharing feature. With built in VoIP you can communicate with audio and stream a live video at the same time. PresentAll also allows you to upload recorded videos to the content library and share them with your online participants.

Webinars with streaming video and recorded video playback makes PresentAll an excellent choice for your service provider. PresentAll makes online meetings fast, efficient, and effective by making the program user friendly and feature rich. Online conferencing provides a convenient service for users to enjoy. PresentAll takes the convenience to an entire different level and allows businesses to brand the service with their own logos.

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PresentAll is changing with technology

May 17, 2010

Online video conferencing technology is changing quickly. It is important to search out a service that will adapt to the rapid change in technology. PresentAll is adapting to changing technology.

In 1943, -- IBM chairman Thomas Watson said, "I think there is a world market for maybe five computers." . It's amazing how technology has changed. Presentall is constantly developing new technology to improve client experience. With changing times and the vast technology improvements, it's hard to know what is available. You can be assured that Presentall offers cutting edge technology.

The development team at PresentAll is working hard to provide a user friendly video conferencing service to clients.

Who would have thought 20 years ago that you could have virtual meetings via the internet? In today's world you can be present without being present. You can meet with clients, train colleagues, or collaborate with your staff from anywhere in the world. The possibilities are endless.

PresentAll knows time and expense are one of the biggest concerns for businesses and with PresentAll, you can be more effective with your time and cut back on expenses.

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PresentAll supports businesses through "A Communications Revolution"

May 05, 2010

The business world has entered into a Communications Revolution. PresentAll helps businesses adapt the changing technologies and allows for faster and more effective communication.

The business world has entered into a Communications Revolution. This revolution is being caused by the rapid growth of communication technology. The rapid growth in communications technology is absolutely amazing. An interesting quote from the Boston Post says "Well-informed people know it is impossible to transmit the voice over wires and that were it possible to do so, the thing would be of no practical value."--Boston Post, 1865.

There are many people that did not believe that the telephone would be a practical way of communication. The telephone not only caught on and was an effective way of communication, but it also has started what could be called a communications revolution.

Computers have been a very large part of the communications revolution. "Computers in the future may weigh no more than 1.5 tons."--Popular Mechanics, forecasting the relentless march of science, 1949. In 1949 they were talking about a computer possibly not weighing more than 1.5 tons. Computers are now completely portable and many cell phones have built in computers that do much more than computers did even 15 years ago.

Video web conferencing is becoming more and more necessary for businesses to effectively communicate. PresentAll offers a video web conferencing solution that allows you to meet online seamlessly and effortlessly.

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