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What is PresentAll / Features


web conferencing


telepresence software


  • Integrated audio using VoIP technology
  • Multiple videos (up to 16 at one time)
  • Presentation board for online meetings
  • Chat available for simple communication within the meeting
  • User list to manage your attendees and manage attendees roles
  • Multiple presenters
  • Upload content fast and easy while in a meeting or pre-upload content using the content manager
  • Whiteboard
  • Drawing tools to enhance your meeting
  • Permanent URL for your meeting room
  • Password protected meeting rooms
  • Secure meeting rooms
  • Account manager page for creating multiple meeting rooms and scheduling
  • After meeting options (leave a message or navigate them to a URL of your choice)
  • Record meetings for simple playback
  • Customizable screen layout
  • Browser-bases so there are no downloads for the host or the attendees

Account manager features:

  • Set up and name multiple meeting rooms
  • Pre-upload content to the content manager and access it from any computer
  • Change payment information
  • Edit your profile
  • Delete content
  • Manage recordings
  • Send email invites
  • Set meeting room passwords
  • Set up end of meeting options (leave a message or navigate to URL of your choice)
  • Delete meeting rooms
  • Edit meeting room options
  • View bandwidth usage and billing information

You can choose from below PresentAll products:
 Setup FeeMonthly Fee
PresentAll 15 Day Free TrialFreeFree

PresentAll 5 User499.0049.00
PresentAll 15 User499.0099.00
PresentAll 25 User499.00149.00
PresentAll 50 User499.00279.00
PresentAll 100 User499.00499.00



video web conferencing

is simple, fast and easy. From holding

online business meetings face to face

or meetings within families PresentAll has what you need. PresentAll is browser-based and does not require downloads or plug-ins to be able to view or direct an online meeting. Our feature rich software helps with

webinars, online training, online learning, virtual meetings, streaming conference, video meetings, group meetings online

. Our

video web conferencing services

saves time and money. You will notice a large increase in your productivity and the productivity of those you work with.

Collaborate online

with anyone anytime. The integrated audio feature allows you to communicate without the cost of long distance phone calls.

Streaming video

will assist in helping your presentations be more personable and the technology allows for a clear picture and high quality video using limited bandwidth. All you need for your next meeting is an internet ready computer.

Brand the PresentAll product to your own company name and host your own webinars with your company logo. This adds value and creates more awareness for your company. All features are included with PresentAll and there are no add-ons or hidden fees to get different features. Technical support offers support and assistance to both you and participants attending your virtual meetings. Technical support is available via phone or online. There are also many videos available on our video tutorials page. Troubleshooting information can also be accessed through our frequently asked questions page.

We also have scheduled online trainings and courses that help you learn more about PresentAll and learn useful new skills from our many guest speakers. Please contact us if you have interest in attending one of our online seminars or would like to speak to someone about being a guest speaker.

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